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CableMod Experience Here in the Philippines

CableMod is a well-known brand in the PC community for its high-quality cable extension kits, custom cables, and accessories for computer systems. They offer a wide range of products designed to improve the aesthetics and functionality of computer systems. Now, people in the Philippines can also avail of their products.

We tried to order and so we can check out their products and share it with you guys. They are currently running a promotion where you can use the code “Philippine40” on your checkout to receive 40% off and a $10 flat shipping fee. If you’re interested in their products after reading this article, take advantage of this promo.

CableMod Ordering (Custom Keyboard Cables)

CableMod Website

As you visit the CableMod website, navigating the products is coherent and easy. They offer product lists for purchasing accessories, LED lights, pre-configured keyboard cables, and computer cables. However, we will be focusing on the CableMod Configurator, which allows customization of cable kits for PSU, extension PSU, keyboard cables, charging cables, or controller cables.

After selecting the “Custom Keyboard Cables” option, it will prompt you to choose the type of cable that you need. The options include “Complete Cable” or “Keyboard Side Only”. The next step is to select the desired cable type, which includes Pro Coiled, Classic Coiled, Pro Straight, or Classic Straight. Each option is accompanied by an illustration of the product that makes it much more helpful to decide.

After selecting the layout, you will choose the hardware compatibility. Does the keyboard have RGB or not? What connector does your keyboard use? And what connector type do you want to connect to? 

Next, if you selected the product that has coiled, you will be selecting the direction of the coil to go toward it and how the orientation would you like your coil to end in.

We will then afterwards select the sleeving. The options include Dual Sleeve or Modmatch sleeves.

Next step is customizing the length of our cable. You can change the Coil Length, Coil Size, Keyboard to Coil Length, Coil to QDC (Quick Disconnect), and QDC to Host.

Finally, you will be able to select the colors. You can change the Keyboard Connector Color, Sleeving Colors, QDC Color, and Host Connector Color.

After customizing your connector, you will be redirected to your cart. You can then proceed to your checkout or return to the configurator to order more cables. If you are ready to checkout, don’t forget to use the coupon code “Philippine40” for 40% off and a flat $10 shipping fee.

Please take note that If you are ordering Custom PSU or SFF cables, make sure you know the brand and model of your power supply. Using the wrong type of cables can potentially damage your computer. The site will also specify this when you select the Custom PSU or SFF cables option.

If you are unsure of your power supply brand and model, you can order an extension cable, which is simpler to customize. You will only need to select the sleeve type, cable type, color, and length.

We ordered our cables during the Black Friday Sale last November 2022 and received them on the last week of December 2022. It took about a month for this order. However,  if you order on a regular day, you can expect to receive it in one to two weeks. Take note that cables are shipped from Hong Kong.

Checking out the CableMod Custom Keyboard Cables

We ordered two CableMod Custom Keyboard Cables and they both came wonderful with a hard case. Inside it, we are welcomed with a Quality Assurance Guarantee Certificate which contains the support service of CableMod. Also, we can find the Custom Keyboard Cables, cable organizer, and a CableMod Badge Sticker inside. Also, the cable for the host part has a rubber cable tie included.

From the packaging up to the main product it shouts premium quality into it. And definitely, they really outdid the quality of the product. This cable can really make your keyboard really great as all the parts of the cable can be customizable to your style preference.

Checking out the CableMod PSU Extension Cables

The CableMod PSU Extension cables came in a pouch. They came according to the design we ordered. The colors from their configurator are similar to the actual product that we received. 

We got cables for our 24 PIN ATX, 8 PIN PCI-E, and 8 PIN EPS. The three cables that we ordered are included with a cable comb. The build is superb and we didn’t see any visible heat shrink as the sleeving they used is really of high quality.

Installing it to our system unit is easy as it is just an extension for the PSU cables. However, since it is an extension, expect that you will have a long cable on the back side of your case. So you really need to plan and invest some time in cable management.


It is good to know that CableMod is now available to order in the Philippines and they really make premium quality cables. The customization options it offers for its products are great. However, some people may find it hard to reach as the price is really premium but this type of quality and customization that you can make is the reason why you will get this for its price and will never regret purchasing it.

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