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MSI Virtual Event MSIology: The Leap to Singularity with the Latest RTX 40 Series Laptop Lineup

MSI has held their brand new laptop virtual event MSIology: The Leap to Singularity today. Featuring the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs and up to 13th Gen Intel Core HX series processors which are now available for pre-order and early bird rewards.

MSI strives for perfection and a premium experience in the laptop lineup which comes with innovative technology breakthroughs, extremely powerful performance, and aesthetic brand new design.  “We have been leading the trends for high-end laptops, and it continues!” Said MSI Notebook Worldwide Sales & Marketing Director, Derek Chen.

Brand New Stealth Series

MSI announces their newly designed Stealth 16 Studio and Stealth 14 Studio- winner with the latest 2023 CES award. These two models all come with an eye-catching pure white and star blue color design. Equipped with an aluminum-magnesium alloy body, the Stealth 16 Studio weighs only less than 2 kg and is thinner than 2 cm.

MSI Stealth

While Stealth 14 Studio features the MSI Vapor Chamber thermal design, making it the most powerful 14-inch gaming laptop that could experience impressive gaming and handle multi-tasks efficiently on the go. “One of the most powerful 14-inch laptops on earth!”

MSI Vapor Chamber Cooling

“With MSI’s new, evolved Stealth Studio lineup, you don’t have to pick a lane. Whether you’re creating content, consuming content, playing games, or just vibing, they’re gonna drive wherever you need them to go!” said Linus Sebastian, host of Linus Tech Tips.

Extreme Performance for Titan GT series/ Raider GE series

The award-winning Titan GT77 HX is armed with the most powerful i9-13980HX processor and up to GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU together with the exclusive MSI OverBoost Ultra technology, pushing to 250W total full power or support 5.2GHz frequency across 8 P-cores depending on workload. Moreover, the Titan GT77HX comes with the world’s first 4K/144Hz MiniLED display, the most premium display you have on a laptop right now.

MSI Titan

The Raider GE series comes with a brand-new chassis inspired by a sports car with an aerodynamic design. The upgraded matrix light bar makes the new Raider GE look more elegant and distinguishable.

“Performance has always been in MSI’s DNA, and this year we’ve again set the high bar of contemporary laptop performance with the latest Titan GT HX & Raider GE HX lineups,” said Eddie Chen, MSI Notebook Senior Product Marketing.

MSI Raider

MSI brought an innovative Smart TouchPad on the special edition of Raider GE78 HX. It puts the most used functioned hot keys on the touchpad and also supports customized commands. “It is the most prominent and super convenient touchpad ever,” said Eddie Chen.

Cyborg: New Option for Everyday Gaming

Introducing the whole-new model for everyday gaming, Cyborg 15. It comes with an aesthetic glass-fibre translucent chassis design, which you can see the inner mechanical parts through it. The eye-catching Cyborg 15 provides a sci-fi futuristic look with the latest graphics and processors, and will definitely the top choice for everyday gaming.

Creator Z Series: Most Powerful Creator Laptop

The latest Creator Z17 HX Studio comes with the Vapor Chamber Cooler thermal design which maximized the power of 13th gen Intel HX series processors and NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPUs. The Creator Z17 HX become the most potent HX creator laptop in the market.

The award-winning MSI Pen 2 uses the latest MPP2.6 Technology, which connects faster than ever. Just feels just like writing on actual paper.  The MSI Pen 2 could also use on actual paper like a traditional pen without switching to tools.

All New Prestige Series

MSI announces the all-new Prestige 13 Evo with less than 1 kg incredibly thin and light design. Packed with 75Whrs long-lasting battery, “It is the best companion for a long day of meetings or traveling around”

There is also another 16-inch option. The Prestige 16 Studio comes with GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs, and its NVIDIA Studio validated, promising even better productivity and remarkable performance

Modern Series also refresh with new color options with star blue and beige rose to meet the everyday fashion statement. The latest series of business and productivity laptops fulfill a variety of demands and help you excel in day-to-day work.

The Leap to Singularity with MSI Laptops

The latest MSI laptop series brings innovative technology, with extreme performance and a newly aesthetic design. “MSI is really at the cutting edge of what is possible from the PC industry.” Lastly, MSI’s new lineups of notebooks are now available for pre-order. Earn your exclusive early bird rewards now!

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