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ESGS 2022: Impressive Day-Tour for a First Timer

Having been the most awaited comeback is real of the biggest gaming summit in the whole Southeast Asia, the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2022 made a huge blast off on its three-day event from October 28, 29 and 30 in partnership with Globe and Riot Games held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

As my debut article about an event that I personally attended after two years of the pandemic, I will be sharing with you my first-time experience at this gaming summit and what feedback and suggestions we can give about it.


ESGS 2022 Partners

Globe, as the main presenter of this summit, catered and featured various activities and one of which is the Astra Arena – ESGS’s esports stage – where Garena, Nexplay, Rumble Royale, Tencent, and Tier One, showered their fans tons of activities and stuffs to have fun.

Also, Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends and Valorant, had given hype to all of its fans, being on its first appearance in the prime lights of the event as one of the partners of ESGS. A large interactive booth where attendees can enjoy various activities and win rewards was also set up at the venue. In line with this, adding up to their booth spot highlight is their Riot Games Cosplay Competition.

The Exciting Activities

Upon entering the hall, I hopped on the JBL Quantum Booth and was immediately entertained by their kind and enthusiastic staffs that assisted people and also prepared lots of rewards and giveaways with big discounts  also through flash sales. 

I immediately roamed around to look for Genshin Impact booth. Leny Ming, a local streamer, wearing a costume of the well-known NPC character of the game named Katherine, gave me some posters and the map guide on the quest that I need to accomplish to claim and get bookmarkers and Genshin Impact party hats as rewards for the game.

The Tower of Fantasy was the next booth that I visited which was shared with PUBG Mobile booth. Being a fan of RPG games,  I really felt excited upon doing the task here especially their “Shoot like Tsubasa” archer activity. I was also asked here to register on the game and post a selfie at their booth on social media. After finishing all of these, I was mesmerized by the variety of rewards that I can get to choose from. And of course, I got this very cool large gaming mousepad as the prize from the activity.

Bringing forth the MSI Gaming Arena at ESGS was amazing. It hosted esports tournaments and highlighted the latest gaming merch, MSI moved the excitement to the next level for everyone in the convention. 

Aside from these cool stuffs, it was also an opportunity for Indie Game developers to be part of the ESGS. They were given the chance to showcase their latest games that everyone can try and enjoy. 

Merch and Various Shops at ESGS

Aside from the different cosplayers where you can take some photos as one memorabilia of the event, the ESGS made sure you will have lot of things to bring home as remembrance. Of course, this summit will not be complete without the goodies that we can get and buy from different shops of a variety of local artist. The ESGS official merch shop did not disappoint the souvenir wanters and havers for they got really cool shirts and hoodie designs offered.

Thoughts About the Event

Overall, for a first timer attendee of the event, it was a blast of experience that I had encountered. I felt so hype with the activities that everyone can enjoy and on tons of loots and giveaways offered by different partners of the ESGS 2022. In addition to the different famous personalities like Ashley Gosengfiao and Pinda Panda whom I was able to see on their meet and greet, there were also local streamers that I had the chance to encounter and bump into too.

I hope that there will be more local and independent game developers to join the summit next year to showcase the latest products and games that everyone would really enjoy. This would be of big help for them in having the chance to be in the limelight of the gaming development community and exhibit their great potentials in the field. 

Also, the left and right stages doing simultaneous events were very much overwhelming. Unfortunately, since I only had a day-pass ticket and had some time constraints due to the travel time since I came all the way from the province in addition to the typhoon during that specific day, I was not able to finish and try all the activities offered by all partners of the event.  But, with all of this stuff, the ESGS 2022 was indeed an event to look forward to every year. 

If you would like to check out more about the things that had happened during this three-day event, you can check it out and visit their Facebook page Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit – ESGS

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