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A Tour Around Adata’s Booth – Computex 2023

We got a chance to tour Adata’s booth at Computex, showcasing their long lines of memories, flash drives, and their upcoming flagship power supply. They also introduced their ambassador during the event.

Adata’s theme for this year’s Computex, “The Xtreme Future Leader – Infinite Innovation,” Adata has leveraged emerging technologies to launch new products that are sustainable and extraordinarily innovative including Gen5 SSD, CXL (Compute Express Link) memory module, CAMM (Compression Attached Memory Module), XPG titanium power supply (XPG FUSION 1600W), and professional industrial solutions.

Project Neonstorm SSD

Adata is focusing its attention on heat dissipation solutions that can lower SSD temperatures by an additional 20%; and has launched Project NeonStorm and LEGEND 970, two Gen5 SSDs that feature this patented heat dissipation design. Project NeonStorm is a combination of aluminum alloy, water cooling, and dual fans. LEGEND 970 improves heat dissipation efficiency through the adoption of extruded aluminum fins and large-size fans. Both Project NeonStorm and LEGEND 970 utilize the PCIe Gen5 x4 transmission interface with sequential read and write speeds of 14,000/12,000MB/s and 10,000/10,000MB/s respectively, and support the latest Intel and AMD platforms out of the box.

The SE920 utilizes the latest generation USB4 interface with a read/write of 3,800/3,200MB per second and its heat dissipation system is equipped with a built-in micro fan. Simply pushing on the casing extends the chassis to quickly discharge heat. When the extendable case is retracted, volume is reduced. When extended, dissipating heat is more effective while remaining light and portable.

XPG and Project Zeus

Along with the Adata business-class memories, they also showcased the full range of XPG and XTREME performance products. The XPG FUSION 1600W 80+ Titanium, jointly developed by XPG and Delta Electronics, has a patented planar transformer and GaN solution, includes two 12VHPWR (12+4) connectors, supports full-digital control via XPG PRIME software, and provides customizable data monitoring.

Additionally, Adata also exhibited a full range of Intel ATX 3.0-compliant power products, namely CYBERCORE II, CORE REACTOR II, and KYBER.

Project Zeus on the other hand, is a partnership exclusive between XPG and Cybenetics to create one of the most powerful consumer-level systems ever built. Project Zeus is an open workstation with top-of-the-line ATX specifications. Powered by XPG FUSION, the best ATX3.0 digital power supply on the market today, it runs on 4 RTX 4090s simultaneously to easen up AI development and heavy workload tasks. During the event, they were running stress tests along with a HUD to display real-time power consumption

Mera – XPG’s Brand Ambassador

Lastly, XPG set up a special themed area for its brand ambassador, Mera. Mera has its own section on the booth to experience a full range of living coral colored designs and a complete set of Mera themed gaming peripherals.

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