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A Tour of the FSP Booth – Computex 2023

FSP Computex 2023

We dropped by at the FSP booth to see the innovative hardware they have as well as their product revamp. They are set to showcase its ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen5-compatible power supplies, cases, and their PD charging bricks.

FSP Power Supply Showcase

Demonstrating the latest PSU specifications for the latest Intel technology, FSP presents its 1650W Hydro PTM Pro. Itself is an 80+ Platinum efficiency that is compatible with Intel ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5. Aside from the Hydro PTM Pro 1650W, it also featured Hydro Ti Pro, a 1200W 80+ Titanium power supply; Hydro G Pro, the 80+ Gold 1200W variant; the Hydro PTM X Pro, an improved version of the Hydro PTM Pro where it has an industrial-grade coating application to the unit; and Dagger Pro L, a small form factor PSU with the dimensions of 125x125x63.5mm.


In addition to the power supplies revamp, FSP is introducing its flagship computer case CUT 593. It is an ATX case with interchangeable front panel between the standard mesh, bigger circular holes designed to allow better airflow, and a fabric cover for those who are in a dustier environment while keeping the airflow running. Aside from the interchangeable panels, it also comes with pre-installed flat cables to help create a clean cable management in the back as both side panels feature tempered glass. Price is expected to be around 79USD to 89USD and has black or white color design.

PD Chargers

Lastly, FSP introduced PD chargers ranging from 30W all the way up to 240W. PDs, also known as Power Delivery chargers, provide faster charge time and supports more devices compared to the standard charging and Quick Charge. The USB-C variant will have 45W and 65W PD bricks, with the 45C being a bulkier, squarely-designed power brick; and the 65C being the taller variant between the two. Both PDs will come with a 1.5 meter USB-C to USB-C cable.

Aside from the two PD bricks, FSP will also release a PD designed for laptops. Named NB C, this will only be available at 65W. Unlike the bricks, NB C will not have a removable USB-C and requires a power plug.

As of writing, NB C will only be available at select laptops.

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