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Ragnarok Journey Grand Party

Gravity Co. Ltd. hosted a grand party for the announcement of Ragnarok Journey PH. Based on the popular MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Journey is a browser-based game wherein players can interact with both NPCs and monsters, gain new skill sets, and join quests to gain levels (and also loots). There is also no need to download a game client like the classic Ragnarok Online, as Ragnarok Journey can be played anytime and anywhere.

The crowd before the peak of the event

One of the key features of Ragnarok Journey is its faster gameplay compared to the original Ragnarok Online wherein the player needs to grind for a longer duration to get his/her items or loots. Another key feature is the AutoPlay, wherein when enabled, the player can go AFK and do other things while the character goes hunting and killing monsters as well as looting drops from those kills.

About the event

Whether casual or hardcore, long-time followers or newbie Ragnarok fans had come to the Activity Center of Glorietta 2 and attended the highly-anticipated event. As you enter the venue and registering, you are given a stamp card with a raffle stub in hopes of getting a chance to win either Redragon peripherals, Asus FX553VE laptop, or the grand prize of a Suzuki motorbike with Ragnarok Journey decals printed. Freebies were also given by doing certain things like trying a Wire Loop Game at Nissin Yakisoba booth, arranging a dismantled keyboard of a Redragon K552, or just by simply liking the Facebook page of Asus ROG and Seagate. Loot bags were also given containing a Poring plush, Ragnarok Journey poster, event shirt, and a badge pin, all are event-exclusive merchandises.

1/8192 chance of getting a Shiny Poring in the event

The Ragnarok Journey Grand Party was hosted by GMA talents Betong Sumaya and Arianne Bautista. It was also co-hosted by several Youtube and Twitch personalities like Ann Mateo, Shehyee, Alex Diaz, and Bekimon. During the event, the Chief Operating Officer of Ragnarok Journey, Mr Yoshinori Kitamura, gave a speech on how they are excited to launch their game to the Philippine market, knowing that the Philippines was one of the highest numbers of players during the Ragnarok Online era. The event also featured a cosplay competition featuring the characters, monsters, and NPCs of the game. Gravity also invited lots of performers during break times between raffle events and sponsor showcase, Gracenote and 6cyclemind were one of those performers.
For more details and updates regarding the game, feel free to visit Ragnarok Journey Philippines’ Facebook page

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