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AMD Keynote – COMPUTEX 2024

With Generative AI as this year’s theme for COMPUTEX 2024, AMD did not disappoint when they announced their new processors built for AI generation and production, whether for mobile or computing. AMD also collaborated with top-quality brands and partners, providing their hardwares packed with AI assistive tools and softwares.

AMD Ryzen 9000 series – Granite Ridge

Granite Ridge is AMD’s latest release of consumer-grade processors in the market. Providing major uplifts in performance in majority of titles (compared to Zen 4), the Zen 5 Ryzen 9000 series chips are capable of almost 2x better instructions per cycle. In several CPU-intensive apps and games, the AMD Ryzen 9 9950X recorded an average 16% improved performance over the Zen 4 architecture.

With the release of Zen 5, new sets of motherboards will be released; this time, its X870 and X870E. These motherboards fully use USB 4.0 and PCIe Gen 5.0. The release of mainstream boards B850 and B840 will follow soon. All AM5 motherboards will be fully supported up until 2027, which we speculate would last up until Zen 6’s 2026 processor release.

The first batch of Zen 5 processors will be available in July 2024 with Ryzen 9 9950X, Ryzen 9 9900X, Ryzen 7 9700X, and Ryzen 5 9600X releasing first before trickling down the non-X variants and Ryzen 3s. Prices, both international and local, have not yet released as of time writing.

Strix Point – Next generation of Ryzen AI

With Microsoft CoPilot already released into the last version of Windows 11, AMD further optimized it by partnering with Microsoft and as well as well-known laptop manufacturers, thus naming it CoPilot+. Announcing with the CoPilot+ is the new 3rd generation Ryzen AI 9 HX 370, with its 50 TOPS and 5.1GHz boost (given it is a laptop processor), it will easily generate any consumer-grade AI production.

Aside from the 50 TOPS and 5.1GHz boost clock from the HX 370, it will also come with the new XDNA2 architecture providing 5x better performance while keeping power draw to a minimum. It will also have a new algorithm named Block FP16, designed to be in between accuracy and performance when it comes to generating models. With the performance of the CoPilot+, it will have a system requirement of at least 16GB and 256GB of storage to handle everything you throw at it (maybe except for the kitchen sink).

AMD, with the added features of CoPilot+, collaborated with several laptop manufacturers to produce each of their own softwares. Asus has its Ubiquitous AI, Lenovo has AI Engine+, HP however did not introduce a specific software, but they introduced that their new laptops have the new Ryzen AI 9 HX 370.

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