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FSP Booth Tour at Computex 2024

FSP unveiled its next generation of power supplies, cases, cooling solutions, and charging stations at this year’s Computex, each meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern PC enthusiasts.

New PSU Lineup

FSP’s primary COMPUTEX showcase revolves around the all-new VITA, ADVAN, and MEGA series PSUs, engineered to cater to PC users’ diverse needs. With an unyielding dedication to uncompromising quality and unparalleled performance, FSP is set to redefine the standards of reliability and efficiency in power supply technology.

The VITA series PSUs are designed to meet the demands of budget builds with exceptional efficiency and stability. Offering power efficiency ratings ranging from bronze to gold, these PSUs ensure seamless compatibility with a wide range of system configurations. Certain models boast a silent fan that provides whisper-quiet operation without compromising on cooling performance. Crafted with premium bulk capacitors, the VITA series guarantees reliability and longevity, empowering users to construct robust and efficient systems without exceeding their budget.

The ADVAN series PSUs are ideal for gamers and professionals seeking a blend of performance and affordability. These PSUs are available in Bronze, Gold, and Platinum efficiency ratings and efficiently cater to mainstream gaming rigs and workstations. Select models boast a semi-fanless design for quiet operation at low loads, complemented by sleek black cables for easy cable management. Engineered with multiple voltage protection safeguards and a sleek black matte finish, the ADVAN series PSUs offer both reliability and aesthetics.

Lastly, the MEGA series PSUs are tailored for power-hungry and overclocked systems, offering high wattages ranging from 1000W to 1650W. With efficient designs boasting up to Titanium efficiency ratings, these PSUs ensure superior performance and reliability. The MEGA TI 1650W, titanium high wattage PSU will be the first from this lineup available for consumers. These PSUs provide the utmost power and stability for demanding PC builds and are equipped with FDB fans for silent and reliable cooling and conformal coating for enhanced durability in harsh environments.

Next Generation Cases

FSP’s lineup includes gaming PC cases, such as the U690, M580, and S380 models, designed to captivate gamers with their fusion of style and functionality. These cases boast striking panoramic glass or three-sided glass designs that create visually stunning aesthetics, catering to the diverse preferences of gamers. Beyond their eye-catching appearance, these gaming cases prioritize practical features like efficient heat dissipation, support for liquid cooling systems, and easy cable management.

Additionally, FSP proudly showcased its cutting-edge PC case tailored for specialized computing needs. Among the highlights is the impressive FSP AI Workstation case – the FSP U700, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of artificial intelligence (AI) computing. This chassis supports dual power supplies, essential for powering multiple high-performance processors crucial for AI applications.

With its ability to accommodate multi-GPU configurations, the FSP U700 significantly accelerates AI model training, ensuring enhanced system stability and reliability when combined with the FSP CANNON PRO 2500W power supply. Visitors to COMPUTEX can witness firsthand how these innovative solutions elevate operational stability and reliability in AI computing environments, offering higher efficiency and superior heat dissipation performance to optimize system functionality.

FSP’s New Liquid and Air Cooling Systems

FSP introduced a range of innovative CPU cooling solutions. In this lineup includes both air coolers and AIO liquid coolers designed to meet the varied needs of PC enthusiasts and gamers. The air coolers —NE5, NP5, ME7, and MP7 — offer excellent heat dissipation and are engineered to maintain optimal noise levels.

Additionally, FSP will also present the AE24 and AE36 AIO coolers. These models, available in 240mm and 360mm sizes, provide superior cooling performance for high TDP setups and feature-optimized mounting kits for easy installation and broad compatibility with most modern CPUs. By offering a range of cooling solutions tailored to different user preferences and system requirements, FSP continues reinforcing its commitment to innovation and quality in PC component manufacturing.

To view more of the FSP booth, we have taken additional pics here and here

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