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Checking Out – DeepCool LS720 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler

Recently, we reviewed the DeepCool CH510 case and now is the time to have this AIO Cooler to prove what it can do. The DeepCool LS720 is their premium liquid CPU cooler that is a 360mm radiator which was recently released followed by their 120mm and 240mm version of it. We will find out how this liquid CPU cooler performs.

Deepcool LS720 Specs

Radiator Dimensions402x120x27 mm
Tube Length410 mm
Pump Dimensions86x74x57 mm
Pump Speed3100 RPM±10%
CPU BlockBase Material – Copper
Fans Included3 FC120 Fans – 500 to 2250 RPM
FeaturesARGB Lighting that can be controlled with motherboard
Rotatable pump cover and can be changed to clear cover
Anti-Leak Technology
PricePhp 8,499

The Unboxing

DeepCool LS720 Packaging

The DeepCool LS720 comes in an easy-to-recycle cardboard box with a wzhite sleeve containing the product information. Listed on the sleeves are some features of the cooler, the specifications, the image of the product, and model name. 

DeepCool LS720 Unboxing

It also comes in a cardboard tray inside the box where it keeps the radiator, pump, fans, and accessories neatly organized. 

DeepCool LS720 Parts

The supported sockets of the DeepCool LS720 are Intel LGA 2066, 2011-v3, 2011, 1700, 1200, 1151, 1150, 1155, and AMD sTRX4,sTR4, AM5, AM4.

Checking the DeepCool LS720

The radiator of the DeepCool LS720 has dimensions of 402mm length, with 120mm width, and 27mm height. In addition to this, for its build quality, it is made with aluminum. The LS720 features DeepCool’s Anti-Leak Technology which has pressure regulation within the unit making the risk of leakage and avoiding it.

Moving on to its tube, it has a length of 410mm with black mesh sleeving and black fittings. They also have included two tube management clips.

This time, on its pump design, they opted for a square style compared to the round pump that we are seeing in the past with DeepCool. The front of the pumps has an infinity mirror and the cap can be popped out and changed to the included clear pump cap that you can DIY for your customization. But the default cap that is already installed has a nice look. The logo of DeepCool on the pump also has a blue-green color that can affect the RGB lighting on that area. Also, you can easily rotate it to make the orientation effortlessly corrected.

DeepCool LS720 Pump

For its wirings, it is located on the pump just beside the tube fittings. The wiring for the fans and pumps are proprietary and you can daisy chain them to have neat cable management. Here is how the wiring system works with the DeepCool LS720: from the pump, there are two cables – the first one will be connected to the motherboard’s 3-pin fan header, and the other one is a proprietary connector that you will connect to the fan. From the fan, you will connect to the next fan, and from the third fan, you will connect the included wire from the accessory kit to the SATA connector and the ARGB header of the motherboard.

As for the cold plate, it has a thick solid copper base with no visible machining marks. It also comes with a pre-applied thermal compound out of the box.

The included fans are the DeepCool FC120, which are PWM ARGB fans. They have an RPM range of 500 to 2250, an airflow of 85.85 CFM, and it has Fluid Dynamic Bearings. Take note that the included fans are different from the retail offerings, as they are specifically designed for use on radiators because of the higher RPM range they have.

The Installation

Upon installing the DeepCool LS720 liquid cooler to our Intel i5-12400 processor which is an LGA 1700 socket, you need to find the accessory kit for the needed bracket of your socket. The included installation guide is easy to understand and you can just follow the installation guide for your socket.

The pump and fan wirings, as we have mentioned previously are in a daisy chain. It both handles the PWM signal and ARGB. So from the pump wiring, you will need to connect the first fan, and from it, you will have to connect to the second fan, and so on. On the third fan, you will connect the ARGB power cable that is included in the accessory kit and connect the SATA power plug from the PSU along with the ARGB to your motherboard. There is also a CPU Fan header wire in the pump that you will be plugging into the motherboard.

Our experience in installing the DeepCool LS720 is straightforward and can be done by yourself. The installation guide is easy to follow and planning your cable management before you connect the daisy chain is advisable as it is quite hard to remove once connected.

Once you are done installing it, to be able to control the ARGB function of the liquid cooler,  you will need to install the RGB software of your motherboard and where you will be able to control the lighting settings in the software. The RGB of the LS720 is pretty dope, especially the RGB on the pump as the mirror-like finish has a cool effect on it.

The Performance

Just a heads up about our testing, we have only limited resources so we can’t really say this is a full review of its performance. We tested the DeepCool LS720 on an Intel i5-12400 in a DeepCool CH510 case that we recently reviewed. We added two Noctua fans at its front and did not change the pre-installed fan on the rear having a room temperature of 32°C. 

For its testing, we ran Cinebench R23 and Prime95 to stress our CPU. We took our reading three times with 30 minutes of system idle time in between every reading.

DeepCool LS720 Verdict

The DeepCool LS720 liquid cooler is excellent in both aesthetics and performance. It supports a wide range of current and previous sockets and is easy to install. The cable management system is well implemented. In terms of appearance, the default pump cap has the DeepCool logo with a blue-green color that may not match your desired aesthetic preference, but a clear cap is included for customization. The cap can also be rotated, which makes it easy to correct the orientation once installed on the motherboard.

In terms of performance, the LS720 performs well, even though we had limited resources to fully test it. The fan runs quietly, even when the speed is increased.

As for price and availability, the DeepCool LS720 is priced at Php 8,499 and can sometimes be found for under Php 8k on sale. It can be purchased on Lazada and Shopee.


  • No extra software required
  • Great cable management system via its daisy chain fans
  • Included a customizable pump cap
  • Easy to install


  • Proprietary fan connectors
  • The default cap has a blue-green color on the DeepCool logo

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