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Make Your PC Building Experience Easier

Ever had difficulties building a PC? Wish you had an easier time? Here are some items that may ease your PC building woes:

Pill Organizer

Anyone who’s opened a PC case has thought to themselves “where can I place these screws?” and find themselves looking on their table or floor for a place where they know they won’t lose them. Having an empty pill organizer in hand is extremely useful as they can hold all those pesky screws. Just don’t lose the organizer once you’ve placed them inside.                                 

Magnetic Screwdriver

If you’ve never used one of these, you’ve probably encountered a situation where you accidentally dropped a small screw into your PC chassis, and had difficulties getting it out. A magnetic screwdriver can help get them out of those awkward corners. The magnets aren’t strong enough to cause any real damage but if you want to be really safe, just keep the tip away from exposed circuits.                                                                                                                


Ever needed both hands, but one of them is already holding a flashlight? Ever used a lamp only to have your own head cast a shadow into the inside of your chassis in places where you needed light the most? Headlamps offer a hands-free and relatively hassle-free solution to your lighting problems.                                                                                                                          

Cable Ties

Have you ever wanted to use a chassis with a transparent side panel but think that the inner wiring would look too messy? Want to keep your the inside of your PC chassis neat and tidy? Wire ties keep those pesky loose or hanging wiring close to the inner chassis’ walls.

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