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AMD’s RYZEN APUs is soon to hit the desktop market

With the upcoming line of laptops that will be released with AMD’s Raven Ridge APUs, they are now working on to releasing the desktop counterparts of these new breed of processors.

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On February 12, AMD will start shipping the new Ryzen + Vega processors that will bring high-performance integrated graphics to low cost PCs. It will still utilize the AM4 socket and motherboards that have been shipped since March 2017.

Building a low-cost, high performance PC has been difficult due to the fact that adding a discrete graphics solution will set you back in terms of your budget. This is an important step for AMD, as Intel has been providing integrated graphics solution to nearly all of their processors. Though we might complain about the performance it provides in games, the value of not needing another component is crucial for reducing costs.

With the lack of APU that had both the successful Zen CPU architecture and an integrated graphics solution, AMD is leaving a lot of potential sales on the market, especially how significant the market for entry-level gaming in small form factor designs.

Two chips are planned to be released this year; the Ryzen 5 2400G and the Ryzen 3 2200G. Clock speeds are higher than what exists on the Ryzen 5 1400 and the Ryzen 3 1200, matching the core and thread count. The 2400G contains 11 Vega compute units, while the 2200G contains 8 Vega compute units, both having 65 watts of TDP.

What’s better is how much they will cost. The Ryzen 5 2400G, priced at $169 will offer much better graphics performance than the $30 more expensive Core i5-8400 (based on current prices), while being equivalent to the $100+ higher Core i5-8400 and NVIDIA GT 1030 discrete graphics solutions.

When looking at CPU performance, the new Ryzen processors are expected to perform better than their current counterparts, while providing Vega graphics capability and matching, or even lower prices.

AMD even went to demonstrate the overclocking headroom that the new Ryzen APUs can offer. During a demo on their site, Ryzen was able to show much performance you can achieve while increasing the memory and GPU clock speeds.
With these new breed of APUs, AMD is rolling their hype train again, re-establishing themselves as the Bang-for-the-Buck king. It’s been a long time since AMD released one of their best APU’s in the market, and this ignited the desires of those who wish to build a great, low-cost gaming machine.

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