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E-3LUE K753 Unboxing and Review

The E-3LUE (pronounced/read as E-BLUE) K753 mechanical keyboard by E-3LUE that is a good entry-level mechanical keyboard. The keycaps are made from ABS are lightweight and very inexpensive compared to the PBT caps. Its solid aluminum body makes it sturdy and produces almost no flex. The E-3LUE K753 uses JWH Blue switches which produces tactile and clicky sound each button is pressed. There is an option however to replace both keycap and the switch with another kind using its included keycap puller. Just simply pull out the keycap and the switch, adjust the entry pin for the new switch, and insert the new switch and return the keycap.
Comparing from the top-tier MKBs that usually downloads a software to enable additional controls, the K753 doesn’t need one. Instead, there are 10 different backlight designs that you can choose from. There is also a feature wherein you can record which keys are illuminated and which one’s aren’t. Another key feature in this keyboard is its anti-ghosting function with N-key rollover.
The E-3LUE K753 FN functions are almost identical to other mechanical keyboards. Examples of the FN functions are lighting brightness adjustment, music player commands like Stop, Play/Pause, Forward, and Next; volume controls (between volume up, volume down, and muted), and lighting presets if ever you want to only illuminate certain buttons while playing a game. FN+1 will illuminate WASD, directional arrows, and escape button. FN+2 will light up QWER, ASD, G, B, Space, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and numbers 1 to 5 for MOBA games. The list goes on, but it is for you to find out what the other customized lightings are.
Aside from the customized lightings, there is also the FN+Ins lighting feature. Below is a video showing different FN+Ins effects.

The E-3LUE is a solid entry-level mechanical keyboard for a price range between 1,798 and 2,381 Philippine Peso via Lazada. The price range usually depends on the reseller and if they are on sale. We got this keyboard for 1,069 Pesos.

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