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Asus RT-N10U Unboxing and Overview

The Asus RT-N10U is an entry level router replacement for those routers your ISP give, both in aesthetics and overall performance.


First Look and Impression


                    Rear view of Asus RT-N10U

At a glance, the first thing I noticed from the router is its USB port. Unsure of what USB ports do in a router, it turns out it can be used both for file sharing as well as mobile phone / tablet charging. I say it’s a pretty cool feature among routers that usually only serves as both sender and receiver of bandwidth throughout the network.

Overview and Key Features

The functions of Asus RT-N10U are quite easy to understand like how to name wireless connection and setting up a password. Its advanced settings are quite identical from other routers like LAN, WAN, and Wireless settings. IPv6, VPN, and Firewall for configuring security inside the connection. And Administration and Log menus for updates and router resets.
Another key feature I found inside Asus RT-N10U is Guest Network. It provides a timed open WiFi connection for guest users, but it can be set for a duration or permanently. Best use for this is when the family visits the house and will be leaving within after few hours.

                 A test Guest Network connection

Comparing RT-N10U to a stock router given by the ISP, this router performs better in segregating outgoing connections coming from different types of applications from different connected hardwares. There is an optimization option wherein you can arrange what application prioritizes the connection (whether incoming or outgoing).

                            Ethernet Traffic table

There is also ethernet traffic table where you can see the amount of bandwidth the router’s receiving. The traffic table serves both wired and wireless connections in a form of a graph.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For P880 at DynaquestPC, Asus RT-N10U is quite the bang-for-the-buck. Its 4-port LAN ports and a USB port for extra functionalities makes the upgrade a worthy one. Overall, I can recommend this one to users using stock routers and wants to find better router that’s also on the budget side of things.

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