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Noctua NF-A12x25 Series Review

Noctua just released a new line up of their awesome NF series of fans. They say that this is their most advanced fan as of today. They spent 4.5 years in developing it. The new NF-A12x25 follows the Noctua’s A-series in being a true all-rounder that yields superb results in all types of usage. Regardless of whether it’s in low-impedance, an airflow-oriented application such as case cooling, or high-impedance, pressure-demanding based water cooling radiators.
And today we receive a review sample of it to test it out ourselves if their claims are true. We can now test it out if this fan is really an all-rounder fan.

NF-A12x25 Series

The NF-A12x25 have 3 versions of fans to suit all the scenario you needed.
PWM version – 4-pin fan for automatic speed control

FLX Version – 3-pin with Low-Noise Adaptors for three different speed settings

ULN Version – Ultra-Low-Noise is a 3-pin that has a near-silent configuration


The packaging of the NF-A12x25 fans is well detailed. You can see in the box all the details you will be needed. Like from the explanation of the features,  the performance curve of the fans compare to other models of their Noctua fans, the specifications of it and the contents of it. What I can say about the packaging of their fans is that they really overdo it. It can really help the consumer understand furthermore about their products.

Inside the Box

The accessories that are included in the box are different on what version of the fan you bought. But the common accessories that will be included in the box are the anti-vibration gasket, NA-AV2 anti-vibration mounts, fans screws and the user manual.

PWM Version – It contains Low-Noise Adaptor, 4-pin Y cable, 30cm Extension Cable

FLX Version – It contains  Low-Noise Adaptor, Ultra-Low-Noise Adaptor, 3:4-pin adaptor, 30cm Extension cable

ULN Version – It contains Low-Noise Adaptor, 3:4-pin adaptor, 30cm Extension Cable.

Closer Look

The first thing I noticed with this fan is the weight of it. This fan is heavy compared to other fans that I use. You can feel the weight is coming from the frame of it. The frame which Noctua called AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation). It makes the fan absorbs sounds and vibration effectively. Besides that, it also further refine the fan’s performance. But it is still running their signature color of their fan. The light and dark brown on it.

This fan uses 9 blades that have flow acceleration channels. It helps to get a better efficiency and reduce noise.  It also has an ultra-tight tip clearance of only 0.5mm. This makes the fan work more efficiently against back pressure, such as on heatsinks or radiators, by reducing leak flows through the gap between impeller and frame.

The centerpiece of the NF-A12x25’s motor hub is made entirely from steel and the axle mount is reinforced with an additional brass structure. The hub runs with SS02 bearing a more advanced version compare to the previous bearing they are using. And for the rear magnet is placed closer to the axis to provide even better stabilization, precision, and durability.
Anti-vibration pads are already included and installed on all corners of it. The anti-vibration pads are removable to be able to change it to the included anti-vibration gasket or just removing it and installed it without anti-vibration on it. But we all know that it is recommended to be used.


The way we determine its performance is that we use our Noctua NH-U12S on a Ryzen R7 1700 3.9GHz. We check the CPU temperature if there will be a change to it when we change our fans. And the other test is that we tried using a sound recorder on it to determine the noise that it makes.

The temperature is in Celsius.

We can see that, there are no significant changes to it. But do take note we are using the highest type of fans out there in the market as of the moment of writing.

In our acoustic test, we can actually hear the different of it. As you can see in the result that the NF-A12x25 with the speed of 2000rpm it is the same with the Corsair SP120 Silent that is running 1100rpm.That means that it is quieter than other fans when you are using the NF-A12x25 even if you are running the fan with high speed.


Noctua overdoes it again. The way they constructed the fans you can really see that they didn’t compromise any parts of it. And also they really into bringing all out on their fans. As you take out of it on the box you will get all the things you will be needed to get the best airflow in your computer. Besides that, the 6-year warranty of the fan really show us that Noctua really trusted that their fans are durable even how many years past by.
The SRP price of the fan is $29.90 (1566.31 Php). Even if its a pricey fan compare to other fans in the market. You are investing a long-term fan that has the top-notch durability and performance of it.
+ Super quiet even running on high RPM
+ High airflow
+ Unbelievable built quality
+ The different versions of it to suit your needs
+ 6 freaking year warranty
– It is hard to blend to a significant theme build due to its color scheme

Due to its awesome built quality, the performance its shows and how silent it was when performing. We will be giving Noctua NF A12x25 a Best in Performance award.

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